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Ultimate Girls Week Away

Join us each September at an amazing location somewhere in this

big wide world.

Fiji - Vietnam - Cairns - Bali -  the list is growing.

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands that we are on. We pay respect to their Elders, past, present, and emerging. We thank them for their rich culture and what we learn from them.

UGWA is an 

Adventure for
your Soul

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open. – Unknown



What is UGWA?


Do you feel like something is missing from your life and you just aren’t sure what it is?
Do you feel like you are lacking connection with people?

Imagine this


A week away in an incredible serene location – somewhere where the weather is so nourishing and warm.
You can swim each day and soak up the vitamin D.

A week away where you can relax, unwind, and truly rest.
There is no need to work.
No need to rush.
No need to worry about anyone else.
No need to worry about what you’re cooking for dinner.
No need to be anywhere.


A week away to connect and meet incredible and extraordinary women… just like you.


I can assure you a week won’t be long enough.

UGWA is no ordinary retreat.

It will ignite the fire in your belly you didn’t even know was out.

UGWA will surprise and amaze you and show you something you didn't even know that you needed.
A place where you truly belong.


It is a retreat for women to rest, laugh, sleep, play, and just be.


Come and feel the magic that is when women connect on a deeper level.


It is designed by women for women.


The impact of this incredible week will last a lifetime.


Who knows, being part of UGWA could just change your life.

The impact of this can last a lifetime.

What's the worst that can happen - you could just lie on the beach with a good book!!

Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (1).png
Untitled design (22).png
That's what Betsy thought she might do when she was traveling to Fiji in 2020.

"I almost didn’t go to the airport to get on the first of three planes. Halfway around the world, almost 27 hours of actual travel time, is a long way to trek thinking you might find disappointment when you get there. Then there was a voice that said ‘just go’. You can always sit on the beach.
When I try to describe that one week, even to myself, what I get is a picture. A snow globe, not with snow or glitter, but a clear glass sphere filled with turquoise waters. With sisters not by biology, but by something that can be far more powerful. I know sisters by blood that don’t speak. I can’t imagine seeing any one of those faces, any one of us, seeing another out in the world, and not having a word to say. We’d have too many. A binding such as that only happens through alchemy, through magic.”

Each UGWA is magical and unique

Have you maybe lost sight of who you truly are?

Are you seeking clarity on whom you were born to be, and what your purpose is?

Do you put others first all the time?

Do you overthink things and spend time wondering what else is out there?

Do you yearn to feel deep connections with other people?


Then UGWA  (or UGG - WAA as the Americans call it)  is for you.


You may choose to start your day with yoga, meditation, or a fitness class. Alternatively, enjoy a sleep-in and leisurely breakfast. The mornings offer wisdom from the stage, followed by Ultimate Sister Circles where you can share experiences and build bonds with a small group of women.


The afternoons will offer a multitude of different workshops from (art to rest to a dive into using your voice).  Then plenty of free time to rest, connect, and explore.


All of this is punctuated by beautifully crafted cuisine and an opportunity to engage in some incredible offerings in the Healing Hub such as Reiki.


Wednesday is Excursion Day, where if choose, you can venture out and about and partake in one of the many options available.


Our passionate UGWA team brings a breadth of diversity and expertise. Read on to learn more about each of them and what they will be offering during our time together.


Here at UGWA, we believe in inclusion no matter what your story or background is - we honor the Indigenous people as the Traditional Custodians of the land we are on.


We have beautiful hearts and souls and everyone if you identify as she/her, they/them is invited and welcomed. We have a strong belief that this is how the world should be, inclusion without borders or discrimination of any kind.

Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (2).png
Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (1).png

“I had a most marvelous time at Liesel's retreat. It was a true moment of communion to be able to spend time in paradise with so many diverse, extraordinary, brave, and searching women. 

Over the course of the week, we all took turns playing the role of teachers, students, healers, role models. I will never forget my time in this powerful gathering space!”


Elizabeth Gilbert

Author of “Eat, Pray, Love”

Fiji 2020


I usually start my social media lives of saying - "hello amazing women of the world" because I know so many of you reading this personally - and I know the impact that you have in the lives of those around you - and you are women of the world.

I created the Ultimate Girls Week Away (UGWA) because I want women to come together to connect, be inspired, rest, laugh, grow, experience the extraordinary, and just be themselves. I had a vision that it was for women from all around the world, who can come together in a place that is safe, where we can connect without fear of rejection, isolation, or being judged because of the color of your skin. Where cultural background, or whom you love doesn't matter. A safe place for all women no matter what. I want you to know that everyone that identifies as a woman, female, she/her is welcome at our retreat home. ​

It's for women who want to grow, learn, and be inspired, women who want to have difficult conversations, who want to laugh, cry and just be themselves.

A container and the building of a community of nations and cultures - a community of change, that starts with us. UGWA is a feeling, a safe place for all women no matter what. Our team is women of different ages, cultures, backgrounds, history, professions, family dynamics, health challenges, skillset, and everything else you can think of. To us diversity is important, and we are working on some exciting announcements in the coming months about scholarships for well-deserving women from around the world.

In this time of technology, I also want you to know that your information is safe with us, we have triple cyber security and have constant checks and balances to make sure all is ok. And we do not sell anyone's information to third parties.

With love

Liesel Albrecht

Founder of The Ultimate Girls Week Away

CEO of The Retreat Specialists

Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (1).png

Amy Loughren - The Good Nurse helped catch a serial killer and UGWA changed her life


Learn, connect, and grow by what you experience. Be awakened and go home different.


Acknowledge your thoughts that seep into your soul.


Learn from hearing about soul dreaming and be grounded by who you are and where you have come from and what makes you shine and grow.

You will go home different.


UGWA - Kathy and Michelle

We can't move further before sharing with you what keeps my vision strong and why, despite the barriers, UGWA has my heart

Kathy and Michelle were my best friends. For different ways and reasons.


Both gone too soon and both would have been at each UGWA with bells on. Michelle would have been part of our team and Kathy would have hung out telling everyone that she was my bestie.

We lost beautiful Kathy 7  years ago.  She laughed loud, like really loud, made up words, was passionate about life, loved to travel and always was an advocate for women living the life they were here to live.


We travelled far and wide together and loved every minute of it - even when she fell out of hammocks and had a taxi knock her out of the way (not at the same time).


She ferociously loved her family and friends and is watching over this.


Michelle loved retreats which was how we met.  A random message from a stranger who saw me in a retreat group. I was planning Fiji when she became ill and she messaged while we were in Fiji wanting to know every little detail. But before that, and after 2 years of planning, we met for the first time in Mexico for a retreat which then cemented our soul together.

I miss them both every day there is nothing like losing a friend.

Kathy and Michelle this one is for you! You are remembered.  xx

Untitled design.jpg
Untitled design.jpg
Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (1).png

What others say about UGWA


I went not knowing a soul and came home with some lifelong connections.


It is so wonderful to be with women for a whole week, challenging yourself and growing and learning.


Doing this in a beautiful setting was the icing on the cake. I am so proud of myself for taking the leap of faith and going on this retreat.It was life-altering.


Thank you to Liesel and her wonderful team.​


Holly Severson,

Portland, Oregon


I'm so grateful to have been part of the Cairns UGWA experience. The lessons I have learnt here, I will utilise for the rest of my life. Being part of the UGWA was the BEST DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE for myself and my life moving forward.

The most valuable lesson I discovered through this experience was the power to embrace and to love my true authentic self. UGWA has empowered me to become bold, strong and far more confident than I ever imagined I was capable of. Through teaching me to love myself and to embrace parts of me that I never thought I would, no longer do I live in the shadows of other people's achievements, I can finally be proud of my own.

Childhood trauma played a massive role in my life up until being part of the UGWA. Now, with the tools I have discovered through this experience, I have clarity and can finally put the "conditioned" me to rest, with love.

Tangiora Bristowe,

Cairns, Australia


I've been home over a week now and the only word I can use to describe how I feel is transformed. Back in 2020 in Fiji, Liesel talked about the sacred circle of those closest to you. I said my sacred circle was empty, because everyone in it had died. Today my circle is full with more family than I knew I had, with a particularly close connection to my niece. I have stepped into the hole left in her life when my mother moved to Perth. And my sacred circle is wrapped up with the special connections I made at UGWA2023 and the whole UGWA tribe. The angst that I have felt since my husband died over twenty years ago has been replaced with abundant love. Thank you all for being part of that.


Caroline Smith,

Perth , Western Australia


So what did UGWA do for me? The first word that comes to mind is liberating so perhaps I have a new 2020 definition for women's liberation.


The week with so many sisters was exactly that - but it was also so much more.

Being together with a diverse group to feel free, untethered. supported, loved and nurtured and for this one magical week, judgement was suspended.


Nicola McDonald

Tasmania, Australia

The Values of UGWA


Be inspired by each and every conversation and connection that you have, whether it is a fleeting moment or a long lasting relationship. Every connection matters. When women come together something magical occurs - we find that piece of ourselves that allows us to rediscover who we are. That part of ourselves that becomes lost in our busy lives, and here at UGWA we will encourage you to just be you.


We gather together from a multitude of cultures, and we acknowledge the part that they, and the land we are on play in this retreat.

Each UGWA is different as we move around the world and we step into what the culture can offer us.


Learn, connect, and grow by what you experience. Be awakened and go home different.


Acknowledge your thoughts that seep into your soul.


Learn from hearing about soul dreaming and be grounded by who you are and where you have come from and what makes you shine and grow.

You will go home different.

Join us you won't regret it!!!!

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