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We wish to acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land in which we meet - The Djabugay and Yidinji People - we acknowledge their ancestors past, present, and emerging - and thank them for the wisdom that they share with us that is forever engrained into the earth and sea that we are on.

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One decision is all it takes to immerse yourself into the beauty and inclusion culture of the internationally recognized Ultimate Girls Week Away Retreat with a 2023 theme of Women's Ways. It doesn't matter if you want a business or purely personal experience we have something for everyone.

In 2023 we are headed to the far north tropical region of Queensland Australia to Cairns to the traditional lands of the Djabuay and Yidinji people - where we will once again be immersed in an oasis with women from around the world.


The treasures of UGWA are well known and you can be part of this new story that will be woven through connection, inspiration, wisdom - and the ways of women.

The Ultimate Girls Week Away Retreats are for you to just be, to rest, to laugh, to sleep, to play and everything in between - designed for women by women who understand. But if you are a business owner and the thought of walking away for 7 days is too much then read on!

The impact of this will last a lifetime.

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Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (4).png

Seven days.

A private resort just for us.

An all-inclusive experience.

Immersive Keynote Wisdom Keepers. 

Workshops with our team from around the world.

A Retreat where you choose your own adventure.

No cooking or cleaning for the whole stay.

Most meals are deliciously included.

 A perfectly sculptured program.

Handcrafted Welcome Gifts.

Daily speakers from the Wisdom Stage.


Daily workshops on life or business where you can choose from silk painting to conversations with a death doula and everything in between.

A day for exploring this amazingly beautiful part of the world - or for lying by the pool and resting.

Visit the Healing Hub or Spa for a massage or a healing.

Be spoilt from the moment you arrive until well after you leave.

"The most powerful woman is a relaxed woman"
Elizabeth Gilbert, UGWA Fiji 2020


The Ultimate Girls Week Away Retreats are for women to just be, to rest, to laugh, to sleep, to play, or to do all these things and work on your business if that's your thing -  and everything in between - designed for women by women who understand. This one decision will change your life.

If you have forgotten who you are - whom you were born to be, and what you are here to do. Then this could be for you.


If you often put other people's priorities before your own. If you care too much, think too long, and wonder what else is out there. If you yearn to feel deep connections to others.

Then UGWA 2023 is for you.

You may choose to start your day with yoga, meditation, or a fitness class - alternatively, a sleep-in and leisurely breakfast. The mornings will offer wisdom from the stage, followed by Ultimate Sister Circles where you can share experiences and build bonds with a small group of women. The afternoons will offer a multitude of workshops, then free time to rest, connect and explore. All of this is punctuated by beautifully crafted cuisine and an opportunity to try something new in the Healing Hub.  Wednesday is Excursion Day where you can venture out too ... the list will be extensive and optional.

Our UGWA Team will be diverse in every way you can imagine - age, culture, background, history, professions, hobbies, relationships, family dynamics, health challenges, skillset, and everything else you can think of.  They also meld together perfectly, read on to learn more about them and what they will be offering during our time together.


Here at UGWA, we believe in inclusion no matter what - we honour the Indigenous people as the Traditional Custodians of the land we are on. We have beautiful hearts and souls and every woman, or if you identify as she/her, is invited and welcomed. We have a strong belief that this is how the world should be, inclusion without borders or discrimination of any kind.

“You Are One Decision Away from a Completely Different Life”

                    We introduce to you our 2023 line up of UGWA

Alana_Fairchild-9958 copy.jpeg

Alana Fairchild

Creative visionary. Free-spirited teacher. Author.

Spiritual vanguard, maverick visionary and spiritual healer, Alana Fairchild flows ahead of the curve with an inclusive, unconventional and creative spirituality communicated through her prolific and multifaceted sacred offerings to heal humanity.  

Alana is an artist of a different kind. A talented, creative powerhouse of inspiration, she expresses herself with versatility, originality and purpose. 


We are privileged that she will be joining us in Cairns for UGWA where she will guide us through her Wisdom Keepers Keynote of  Explore and Express the Divine Feminine Within You. Understand her lightness and brightness, her darkness and power, her mystery, her wisdom and her aliveness. Join Alana as she opens the way to awaken these unconditionally loving, fiercely compassionate, and deeply healing energies within you.


Embody the light face of the feminine, through Egyptian goddess of healing and celebration, Bastet, and Radiant Playful Indian goddess Lalita, awakening to the healing abundance, pleasurable presence, and exquisite expression of your heart


Channel the dark face of the feminine, through Egyptian goddess of protection Sekhmet and Indian goddess of power, Kali, harnessing divine feminine intelligence, mystery and strength to transform struggles into sacred pathways to fulfilment


Let us move, meditate and create an uplifting experience of the wild magic of the divine woman within! 


Samala Thakialee


You don't meet people by accident and when you wander into Ancient Journeys Gallery in Cairns you are immediately stuck by Samala's presence. 


She watches proudly as the caretaker of art representing her father's people from the Lower Gulf of Carpentaria region, the Lardil, Waanyi, Gungalidda, and Garrawa people. It is this richness, exuberance, and spiritual depth which has been passed from generation to generation that makes Samala culture personified.


As you gaze at the art and begin chatting you learn that you are with a woman that has an incredible story - one that will have you enthralled from the first word to the last. 


She will take us through her story, and what it means to be a strong Aboriginal Woman in the world of today. We are privilleged to have her join us.


Constance Hall

Constance has been called a truth-telling goddess, she is loved because she wants you to stop feeling guilty about the piles of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink and washing that is not put away. She is raw, honest, and down to earth. She sugarcoats nothing! She has helped women love their bodies and not be ashamed of anything.

When she released her first self-published book, Like A Queen the book was an instant bestseller, with more than 175,000 copies sold in Australia. To give context to the scale of that success, the average book released in Australia sells fewer than 10,000.

Since then she has been on Dancing With The Stars, been interviewed countless times, written more books, and generally taken women on a journey that tells them 'it's ok to feel this'.

At UGWA she will take us on a journey of realism and life 



Fay Wilde


Ruth Stuttgen

Ruth lives with big vision and she was well on her way to building this with a book launch and the development of a TV show.

Then everything changed in a moment with the passing of her father.

Ruth will share with us her journey and how she picked herself back up and kept on living.


Amy Loughren - The Good Nurse


When someone like Amy talks about a moral compass you listen. When she shares her wisdom about life and making those hard decisions you take note. If you haven't watched the movie about her on Netflix called The Good Nurse you should - especially before we have her join us on the Wisdom Stage at UGWA in Cairns in September.

Amy is now a Reiki Master, a Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Meditation Instructor, DreamSculptor Practitioner, Reconnective Healer, Integrative Energy Healer, Past Life Regressionist, Crystal Language Reader, Medical Intuitive, and learned "The Work" from Byron Katie.  What she will share with us is a gift as she has now helped hundreds of people receive their own visions, transformations and healings. She now has created a life filled with abundance, exotic travels, and beautiful relationships. Along with a deep understanding of this Matrix we live in.



Bridget Allan

Have you met a Death Doula before? If not meet Bridget, who is going to take us on a journey about leaving our legacy once our time is done here.

Bridget is also going to be running a Death Cafe - a safe space to feel and chat about anything you need to.

Bronwyn Roberts.jpg

Bronwyn Roberts

We all want to live our best lives, to flourish in all we do, to wake up excited for the day ahead, to drift off to sleep knowing we are truly making a difference, and create memories that will make us smile.  Bron is going to share the keys to this and so much more.

Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (13).png
Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (13).png

Fay’s journey has been nothing short of challenging from having her first daughter at 14 years old to ‘coming out’ 2 years ago. 


Fay’s purpose is to empower women to have a voice and hold space for them as they uncover their truth and break free of the shit that’s been holding them back.

Helen Partice will entertain us with her.....

308459098_458734686223752_9167715314563695578_n (1).jpg a storyteller, belly dancing mystic -  Helen  will have an enthralling story for every opportunity and question. You name it she has a tale for it.

Helen will join us daily from the Wisdom Stage

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Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (5).png
Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (5).png

Women just like you! I know you might find that a little hard to believe but it is 100% true. Business owners, mums, daughters, aunties, sisters, best friends are all in the mix of the women that join us, and the most memorable comment we have heard was -


'I don't usually like hanging around other women because there can be those underlying tones that bubble up but this has been amazing and nothing like that'.

                                                                          Fiji, 2020

It is women who are coming back again (and again) or know the benefits of retreats, it is women that pay it off or pay in full. It is also women that come alone, and meet up with their best friend from another country or sister that they have not seen for 3 years.

UGWA is made by women just like YOU for YOU.

Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (8).png
Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (8).png

I usually start my social media lives of saying - "hello amazing women of the world" because I know so many of you reading this personally - and I know the impact that you have in the lives of those around you - and you are women of the world.

This is the last thing on my list is to do before hitting the live button - to write you this letter because I know that sometimes reading a website and all of the information can be eye rolling, and so much information as we try to cram everything in that we want you to know. So, a simple letter seems fitting to tell you about the important things in a few lines.

I created the Ultimate Girls Week Away (UGWA) because I want women to come together to connect, be inspired, rest, laugh, grow, experience the extraordinary, and just be themselves. I had a vision that it was for women from all around the world, who can come together in a place that is safe, where we can connect without fear of rejection, isolation, or being judged because of the color of your skin. Where cultural background, or whom you love doesn't matter. A safe place for all women no matter what. I want you to know that everyone that identifies as a woman, female, she/her is welcome at our retreat home. ​


It's for women who want to grow, learn, and be inspired, women who want to have difficult conversations, who want to laugh, cry and just be themselves. A container and the building of a community of nations and cultures - a community of change, that starts with us. UGWA is a feeling, a safe place for all women no matter what. Our team is women of different ages, cultures, backgrounds, history, professions, family dynamics, health challenges, skillset, and everything else you can think of. To us diversity is important, and we are working on some exciting announcements in the coming months about scholarships for well-deserving women from around the world.

In this time of technology I want you to know that your information is safe with us, we have triple cyber security and have constant checks and balances to make sure all is ok. And we definitely do not sell anyone's information to third parties.

We know you may have questions so send these to me via this website, Facebook or Instagram and I can't wait to see you in September 2023.

With love

Liesel Albrecht

Founder of The Ultimate Girls Week Away

CEO of 


Our 2023 UGWA Team are joining us from - Australia, England, USA, Austria and the Philippines - they come from varying lifestyles and experiences, and we have chosen them for their ability to immerse themselves into the UGWA journey.

Some of the team are here for the first time while others are back again - because Fiji was such an amazing experience. Whichever it is we know that they will deliver exactly what we promise they will - and you will go home different because of it.

Over the 7 days, there will be a program themed around Women's Ways - our Wisdom Speakers, daily workshops, free time, yoga classes, sound healing, an opportunity for spa treatments, cultural excursions and so much more...


This really is a choose-your-own adventure!

You will be able to choose your workshops, reserve places for 1:1 sessions, and work out when you would like a massage at the spa or a Healing Hub session.

To keep the schedule as simple as possible we have divided the program into morning, afternoon, and evening sessions. It really is up to you how many or how few you attend. Brand new for 2023 is our 'business edition' that will take you through workshops designed to grow, nurture and learn from the people around you (and of course make it a tax deduction). This is especially great if you are nervous about 'leaving your biz' for a week.

Just before lunch on most days are the Ultimate Sister Circles, a group of women that you will meet with most days just for an hour to discuss everything UGWA.

The Healing Hub is the hive of activity for everything spiritual and relaxation.

Treatments and intuitive healing with women who instinctively know what you need. As part of your welcome gift you will receive a voucher that can be used here or at the day spa.

Sounds like bliss to us!

Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (7).png

Cairns, Australia

We are very excited to partner with the Crystalbrook Collection for the 2023 Ultimate Girls Week Away. We love that they work on the ethos of 'travel with a lighter footprint' which melds well with our conscious travel stance. 

Crystalbook are committed to sustainability, or what they call #ResponsibleLuxury. They embrace environmental change to enhance, not compromise, the quality of their guest experiences.

Leaving our planet a better place is something close to Crystalbrook. They have a no-plastic-straws policy (obviously) and work with a variety of partners to harness solar energy and use recycled and biodegradable materials (even their coat hangers had a former life). They are also a Founding Citizen of the Great Barrier Reef, a brilliant cause you can learn more about HERE.

We have single, twin, and apartments available for UGWA and if you want to come and share but need to be matched up we will take you on a journey to find a new friend!

Screenshot (3)_edited.jpg
Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (9).png


  • Pre UGWA we will have a private Facebook Group to get to know everyone.

  • Information on the best flights to get and arrival times.

  • Transfer instructions from airports.

  • How to recognize others on your flights.

  • What to do if your flight is delayed (don't worry we will be there to get you when you arrive).

  • Some pre gathering zoom calls and when logistically possible in person dinners.

  • You will have an area rep to contact if needed.


Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (15)_edited.png
Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (15)_edited.png
Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (15)_edited.png
Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (15)_edited.png

Meet and mingle with our Key Wisdom Keepers - Constance Hall, Alana Fairchild, Samala Thakialee and Amy Loughren for UGWA 2023. They will be joining us from the stage for Keynote presentations and Ultimate chats. These alone are worth $1800 to see.


Enjoy 7 nights accommodation in a single, shared room or apartment - if you are traveling alone and want to share we can match you with someone according to 'loves and hates'.

Enjoy scrumptious fusion and international food - your package includes 7 buffet breakfasts, 5 morning and afternoon indulgences, 5 lunches, 2 dinners, AND a welcome and closing cocktail party. You may even score an invite to our exclusive UGWA Gin Club OR VIP Wisdom Keeper gathering.

Immerse yourself in our Ultimate Workshops by our hand-picked Facilitator Team. Choose your favorite workshops from our schedule to attend during your week (we guarantee a place). A few weeks before the event we will ask you to select your preferences (but don't worry you can change them when you are there). 


Indulge in an amazingly nurturing experience by partaking in individual treatments with our healing team in the Ultimate Healing Hub and an onsite spa. (Select treatments but you can always upgrade!)


Join in with daily meditation, yoga, dance, and fitness opportunities if keeping your mind and body active is your jam! 

Every day you’ll be guided by one of our Ultimate Experience Guides who will guide you and the women in your Ultimate Sister Circle. In a small group, get to know one another, connect and share about the retreat and your experiences and thoughts.


Shopping!! (If that is your thing) We have a market night to indulge your shopping needs. There will also be an opportunity for you to invest in your own market stall as a participant. OR wander off-site to check out all those boutique shopping experiences that Cairns has to offer.

Feel totally loved when you receive your Ultimate Girls Week Away Welcome Gifts filled with specially chosen goodies. Most of these will be selected from connecting with local business owners to support the local community.


Free wifi so you can effortlessly stay connected to the outside world if that’s your thing! Equally, you may just want to escape it all.


Transfers from Cairns airport to the resort - we will advise the best times to arrive AND if you need an experienced travel agent we have two that we trust in the USA and Australia that can do international ticketing even if you don't live in either place.


Exclusive, optional pre and post-UGWA tours to other parts of Australia or neighboring countries.

Along with some exciting and secret experiences.......

While we would love to include everything - we just can't - what we don't cover is:

Travel to and from your home to transfer locations

Extra nights accommodation (although we can offer you a great rate).

Mini bar purchases.

Food and drink outside of what is stated in the program - that means the countless cocktails or bottles of Champagne. 

Excursions on the day out.

Passports and visas.

International travel insurance.

Tips to staff.

Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (15)_edited.png
Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (15)_edited.png
Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (15)_edited.png
Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (15)_edited.png
Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (15)_edited.png
Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (15)_edited.png
Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (15)_edited.png
Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (15)_edited.png
Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (9).png


Be inspired by each and every conversation and connection that you have, whether it is a fleeting moment or a long lasting relationship. Every connection matters. When women come together something magical occurs - we find that piece of ourselves that allows us to rediscover who we are. That part of ourselves that becomes lost in our busy lives, and here at UGWA we will encourage you to just be you.


We gather together from a multitude of cultures, and we acknowledge the part that they, and the land we are on play in this retreat.

Each UGWA is different as we move around the world and we step into what the culture can offer us.


Learn, connect, and grow by what you experience. Be awakened and go home different.


Acknowledge your thoughts that seep into your soul.


Learn from hearing about soul dreaming and be grounded by who you are and where you have come from and what makes you shine and grow.

You will go home different.

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