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Selamat datang (welcome in Balinese), from the team at
Ultimate Girls Week Away Retreats

Our vision is to provide an opportunity for women from diverse backgrounds to step out of their everyday routines to focus on their own well-being.  This week is about sharing and listening to each other, celebrating everything it is to be a woman. 

We are pleased to introduce you to what to expect over this beautiful week of indulgence, learning and meeting wonderful people.

The Ultimate Girls Week Away (or UGWA as affectionately known) has created life-long friendships. Meeting like-minded people in a nurturing environment brings energy, resilience, peace and confidence in our lives. 

Our mantra for UGWA

At every Ultimate Girls Week Away Retreat that we host around the world, there is a mantra we focus on. In 2019 our mantra was ‘This is Me’. Last year our focus was ‘Women’s Ways’. This year it is:

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Our ethos of ‘Women Up Front’ is to ensure the women who come to our Ultimate Girls Week Away are thought of first. Every day is curated so you don’t need to worry about scheduling, organising, negotiating, cleaning or cooking.


In the 32 years I've spent organizing retreats, the reason women keep coming back to the Ultimate Girls Week Away is due to the bonds they form and the incredible stories they share.


This year, we are elevating the experience.

Why you need an ultimate week away

Women tend to place themselves last on their own priority list. Are you one of them?


Putting other people first is very noble, but neglecting our own needs can drain our energy and lead us toward exhaustion.


UGWA Retreats offers space to let go, unwind, and have fun! A time to relax, replenish, rejuvenate, and recharge your batteries.


This is the opportunity to meet like-minded people and become part of a supportive community which can be the catalyst for personal growth and inspiration, giving you the chance to reconnect with yourself lovingly.


UGWA caters for every woman. Introvert or extrovert. Active or needing downtime. Eat and drink as much or as little as you want. Dance, do yoga, or read a book. It is your choice how you spend your week.


UGWA retreat is not just a pause — it can be a profound experience that shifts perspectives, inspires change, and replenishes the soul. After this week away, you enter the world with fresh eyes and fresh energy, so you can continue to be the powerful, nurturing, and impactful woman that you are.


7 nights of mind, body, and soul rejuvenation.

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Testimonials from women who said 'YES'

"UGWA literally changed my life. It definitely shifted something inside me to the point where I’m more creative, I feel more aligned, and all of that is due to the community that UGWA fosters. Thank you Liesel for creating such an amazing outlet for women like me” Amy Loughren - The Good Nurse (who helped catch a serial killer)


“The week with so many sisters was exactly that - but it was also so much more.

Being together with a diverse group to feel free, untethered. supported, loved and nurtured and for this one magical week, judgement was suspended” - Nicola McDonald, Tasmania

“I feel transformed. My sacred circle is now wrapped up with the special connections I made at UGWA2023 and the whole UGWA tribe. The angst that I have felt since my husband died over twenty years ago has been replaced with abundant love. Thank you all for being part of that” - Caroline Smith, Western Australia


UGWA has empowered me to become bold, strong and far more confident than I ever imagined I was capable of. Through teaching me to love myself and to embrace parts of me that I never thought I would, no longer do I live in the shadows of other people's achievements, I can finally be proud of my own” - Tangoria Bristowe, Cairns

A holistic experience

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Copy of UGWA - 7th-14th September 2024 Bali (3).jpg

By dedicating each day of the retreat to a specific aspect of the Wheel of Life, we offer a unique opportunity for you to immerse yourself deeply in areas that are foundational to your well-being and personal growth.

Sunday: Wellbeing, Wisdom and Joy

Prioritising physical and mental well-being as well as identifying and celebrating the happiness in our lives.


Monday: Spirituality, Ancestry and Culture

Recognising the significance of a deep, spiritual understanding within us, our roots, and the path that shapes our existence.


Tuesday: Career, Finance, Growth and Security

Empowering you to seek achievement and stability in your life, whether this is professionally or personally.


Wednesday: Adventure and Fun

This is the time to feed your curiosity. Ever wanted to snorkel among tropical fish, do a cooking class, or visit the beauty of Bali? Today is the day to choose your adventure!


Thursday: Creativity, Play, and Physical Health

Giving you the freedom to explore your creative impulses and experience the therapeutic power of play.


Friday: Connections, Relationships, and Love

Fueling the fundamental need for deep, meaningful connections from the retreat and beyond.


These are the foundations of a balanced life.

Our Ultimate Team

Untitled design (35).png

When choosing our UGWA Team we look at the experience each one brings, the wisdom that they have to share, their passion for retreats, that travel makes them excited, and that they are all-around amazing women.

Our 2024 team is international and diverse in many ways - ages, cultures, backgrounds, experiences, and of course areas of expertise. 

There will be some of your favourites there like our UGWA Photographer Tanita Seton, Sound Healer Mignon Lee Warden, Kerryn Slater who will guide you to your sacred self, Bron Roberts our happiness extraordinaire, all things fitness with Jenni Williams, and artist Tracey Minster. 

We also welcome newcomers like Michelle Fragias who will show us about finding and using our voice, Andrea Gaze who is a BODYART Master Trainer (don't know what that is? You will!), and Tamica Sears who is going to guide us through feeling mediocre.

Our Ultimate Program

Women in Sarong


If you plan to arrive in Bali a few days before UGWA 2024 then let us know and we can recommend some local hotels and will even organise pick up on Saturday from your hotel lobby.

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Day One - Saturday

Welcome to Club Med for Day One! 10.00am - 2.00pm - Join us in our own private check in area ​ 4.00pm  Welcome to UGWA 2024, join us in the Club Med Conference rooms for our official Opening and Balinese Blessing by female members of the community. As 6pm we will gather for some food and drinks to kick off the week. ​


Day Two - Sunday

Theme: Wellbeing, Wisdom & Joy - Our day to visit what these themes mean to us. 6.30 - 7.30am Morning offerings yoga, walking, meditation. 6.30am Breakfast available from 9.00am Opening Circle with Liesel and Mignon 10.00am Wisdom Speaker - Vikki Friedman My mental health journey 10.45am Morning tea 11.15am Workshop 1 - each workshop slot there will be 4 to choose from 1.00 Lunch 2.00pm Wisdom Speaker: Could it be you? 3.30pm Afternoon tea 4.00pm Sister Circles - choose your circle for the week they are themed around areas of interest such as art, journelling, fitness, growth and ancestoral spirtuality 4.45pm Free time 6.30pm Dinner VIP Dinner TBA


Day Three - Monday

Theme: Spirituality, Ancestry & Culture - What does this mean for us in 2024. 6.30 - 7.30am Morning offerings yoga, walking, meditation. 6.30am Breakfast available from 9.00am Welcome to the day 9.15 am Wisdom Speaker Naomi Asling Remember the Journey 10.00am Wisdom Speaker - Andrea Gaze - My Story 10.45am Morning tea 11.15am Workshop 2 1.00 Lunch 2.00pm Workshop 3 3.30pm Afternoon tea 4.00pm Sister Circles 4.45pm Free time 6.00pm Dinner 7.00pm Open Mic Night - if you have hidden talents then now is the time to shine!


Day Four - Tuesday

Theme: Growth and Financial Security - As we grow how does our financial security pivot with us? 6.30 - 7.30am Morning offerings yoga, walking, meditation. 6.30am Breakfast available from 9.00am Welcome to the day 9.15 am Wisdom Speaker: Could it Be You? 10.00am Wisdom Speaker: Michelle Fragias No Apology 10.45am Morning tea 11.15am Wisdom Speaker - Michelle Fragias - No Apology 1.00 Lunch 2.00pm Workshop 4 3.30pm Afternoon tea 4.00pm UGWA Market set up 5.00 - 7.00pm UGWA Market Night 6.00pm Dinner onwards

Bali view

Day Five - Wednesday

Adventure and Fun Day. Today is the day where you get to do whatever YOU want to do - choose from activities like: * Ubud and Tahna Lot Temple Visit, * A day Spa Experience * A Cultural Immersion*ATV Quad Bikes, Horilla Cave and Waterfalls. * Nusa Penida by Private Boat - Snorkelling, Swimming and Land Tour. * Bali Snorkelling Tour at Blue Lagoodn Beach. * Mount Batur Sunrise Hiking. * Balinese Cooking Class. Stay tuned for more - or create your own! We will finish the day with a sound healing on the beach.


Day Six - Thursday

Theme: Creativity, Play and Physical Health - What does Creativity Mean to you. 6.30 - 7.30am Morning offerings yoga, walking, meditation. 6.30am Breakfast available from 9.00am Welcome to the day 9.15 am Wisdom Speaker to be announced - could it be you? 10.00am Wisdom Speaker - Kate Chapman - Play, Creativity and Your Health. 10.45am Morning tea 11.15am Workshop 5 1.00 Lunch 2.00pm Workshop 6 3.30pm Afternoon tea 4.00pm Sister Circles 4.45pm Free time 6.00pm Dinner


Day Seven - Friday

Theme: Connection, Relationships & Love - How do you feel connected in your life? 6.30 - 7.30am Morning offerings yoga, walking, meditation. 6.30am Breakfast available from 9.00am Welcome to the day 9.15 am Wisdom Speaker 10.00am Wisdom Speaker 10.45am Morning tea 11.15am Workshop 7 1.00 Lunch with your Sister Circles 2.00pm Closing Circle with Liesel, Mignon and team. 3.30pm Afternoon tea 4.00pm Free time 6.00pm Dinner and closing celebrations.


Day Eight - Saturday

Today it is Farewell but not Goodbye! As you journey home we wish you well on your journey and hope to see you at another UGWA very, very soon.

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Our accommodation
Club Med, Nusa Dua, Bali

Club Med in Nusa Dua is the perfect place the perfect resort to do everything or just chill out and do nothing.


It has the capacity and private space to hold our workshops in luxurious accommodation. We have a private area - for the sole purpose of UGWA activities.


Club Med Bali, which sits on 500 metres of beachfront in Nusa Dua on the south-east peninsula of Bali. This all-inclusive resort is set on 14 hectares of tropical gardens; four pools, two restaurants, two bars, a theatre, a six-hole golf course, six tennis courts, squash, badminton, archery … get me back to my pool lounger already, and yes, I will have another pina colada!

From the very first moment you arrive you will experience the warmth and friendliness of their staff who will make your Ultimate Girls Week Away Retreat, one of your most memorable ever.​ Cool down and chill at one of their many pools or swim in the beautiful blue water lagoon.


Best of all? Everything below is included in the price!

  • 4 x Swimming Pools

  • 3 x Bars

  • 3 x Restaurants

  • Wifi access

  • Superior/Deluxe/Suites available*

  • Air-conditioning

  • Refrigerator

  • Tea/coffee making facilities

  • Amenities/Hair dryer/Slippers

  • Sports: Snorkelling, padel, tennis, flying trapeze, stand up paddle, kayaking, windsurfing, archery, golf, trapeze and circus activities

  • Yoga sessions

  • Fitness training

  • Spa Facilities

Copy of UGWA - 7th-14th September 2024 Bali (14).jpg

Club Med 
The Cuisine

One thing that UGWA and Club Med agree on is the food - for us it is important you are nourished with dishes that you love.

UGWA starts with a private celebration where we will be immersed into the local cuisine, our signature retreat drink and mouth-watering desserts. Located in a private corner of the resort this will be the perfect start to what will be an amazing week.

Because Club Med has an international reputation for providing amazing food they cater for all dietary and allergy requirements.

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Our Ultimate Healing Hub

The Healing Hub is an integral part of UGWA - you will each receive a FREE voucher for one of the many healing or 1:1 sessions offered.


Throughout your stay, a number of our fabulous Workshop Facilitators and Keynote speakers will also be offering meditations, private sessions, treatments, healings, reiki, walk-and-talk therapy & readings for you to enjoy (this is just a snippet of what is on offer).


Otherwise, you can indulge at the onsite SPA for a Balinese Massage or treatment, at an extra cost.

Copy of UGWA - 7th-14th September 2024 Bali (19)_edited.jpg


  • 8 days/7 nights accommodation in twin share or single private room

  • A private Welcome and Closing Celebration 

  • All food including breakfast, lunch and dinner - all food intolerances catered for

  • All drinks - from smoothies to cocktails*

  • Transfers to and from Denpasar Airport

  • A Balinese Welcome Blessing

  • Welcome Bag including local handcrafted gifts and personalised UGWA perfume

  • Themed workshops coinciding with the Wheel of Life from our experienced team

  • Daily Wisdom Speakers events

  • Have the chance to become one of our Wisdom Speakers (see details below)

  • Yoga, walking and meditation sessions

  • Sound healing bath

  • An opportunity to sell your goods or services at our Market Night

  • 1 free session at our Healing Hub

  • All free activities featured at Club Med - snorkelling, padel, tennis, flying trapeze, stand up paddle, kayaking, windsurfing, archery, golf, fitness training, trapeze and circus activities


* Champagne and top shelf alcohol not included

Copy of UGWA - 7th-14th September 2024 Bali (7).jpg
Copy of UGWA - 7th-14th September 2024 Bali (7).jpg

Will you be one of our Wisdom Speakers?

My vision was to create a platform for you to share your story in a safe, supportive environment, if you choose to. Our theme for 2024 - Women Up Front is about nourishing the soul and being heard.


We focus on wisdom and how we learn from each other’s experiences. Conducting retreats for over 32 years, I have heard so many amazing stories from participants.


This is now your time. We are looking for unique stories. Inspiring stories that make people believe they have the power to create their own beautiful story. Your story could be about triumph against the odds (family, illness, surviving an impact) or share your experience that changed your life.


Out of all submissions, we choose 4 women to share their story for 20 minutes, as a fellow Wisdom speakers. In August 2024 we will officially announce our speakers. Will it be you?


Being chosen as a fellow keynote speaker, you receive:

  • Reimbursement of $500 from your total retreat amount

  • 1:1 Keynote Mastery Hour with Michelle Fargias - Transform your Keynote from Good to Great (value: $330)

  • Half-hour 1:1 personal brand coaching (value: $320)

  • Photoshoot while presenting with Tanita Seton, including 5 digital photos to keep (value: $475)

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Flight details

Where do I fly to?

  • The closest airport to our accommodation is Denpasar Airport, Bali. We will pick you up from the airport at no extra cost and bring you to Club Med, Nusa Dua.

  • You can either use our trusted travel agent, Travelglobe or you can book through your own travel agent.


Do I need a Visa and Passport?

  • It depends on which country you are coming from - you may need a tourist visa - APPLY HERE. You need a passport with at least 6 months validity on it.


Do I need travel insurance?

  • YES - this is to protect you, in case anything happens to you. We will be asking for a copy to ensure you are covered as it is a pre-requisite to participating on this retreat.

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In Loving Memory of my
Dear Friend Kathryn...
...This Is For You.

We all have those women in our lives who are Soul Sisters ~ it's like we've known each other multiple lifetimes. Kathryn was one of my Soul Sisters. I knew when she left this world, after her battle with breast cancer, that it was time for me to use the memory of her spirit and friendship to truly step into the vision I had shared with her so often... but 'never got round to it'.


Kathryn, I got round to it.

Much love and I know you're with us all the way...

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If you would like more information before you are ready to commit - you can contact me directly on +61 (0) 488 444 162. I can’t wait to chat to you!

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