Hoi An, Vietnam

Vietnam's history is woven with Folklore and legends

and a motrobike or two

Choosing Vietnam was an easy decision for UGWA 2021, it is a country of beauty, locals who warm your heart with their friendly nature and warm embrace, amazing food and shopping to fill your bags. 

You will learn to cross the road walking straight ahead, try local delicacies and bater for your purchases.

Vietnam will leave a mark on your soul like you haven't experienced before.

If you believe in mystical beginnings then the legend of Halong Bay will sing to you.

It is believed that long ago when the country was newly formed, the Vietnamese forefathers had to fight against fierce invaders coming from the North by sea.

The gods from the heavens watched on before sending the Mother Dragon and her children to help the ancient Vietnamese people to defend their country.

The dragons descended upon the earth, incinerated the invaders and spat jewels of emerald and jade that upon hitting the land, turned into great islands and islets that formed invincible defensive walls that the invaders could not overcome.

The enemies fled and peace finally returned to this Southeast Asian country.


After the battle, The Mother Dragon and her children did not return to the heavens but stayed in the mortal world. To this day, the dragons lay on the lands they helped protect. The seas rose but it is the dragons that form the bays iconic mountainous landscape.

The dragon children lay on the lands that are known as Bai Tu Long which literally means ‘Thanks to the Dragon children’ and their tails form the area of Bach Long Vi. The great Mother Dragon forms Ha Long Bay, which literally translates as ‘Descending Dragon Bay’.


Let's show you the beauty of Hoi An, and through video is the very best way

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