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Ultimate Packages

Look no further - here is all the information that you have been looking for - Rooms, Rates and Packages.  Let's lay it all out so you can make the best choice for you.

Take a look at our accommodation options

Choose if you would like an - 

1. Indulgent SINGLE ROOM 

2. Share with a friend and talk all night in a TWIN ROOM (remember if you choose this option we can match you with someone)

3. Our PLAY BUT DON'T STAY option - come join us from dawn until after dinner but stay elsewhere

You can pay at once or with a $500 AUD deposit and then monthly installments - once registered we take care of everything.

If you choose monthly installments then we do this automatically around the 1st of each month from the card that you paid the deposit with. Your balance will be divided by how many months there are left before UGWA.

If you choose one package and then want to change or gift it to someone else we can do that easily



Our UGWA Packages

Screenshot (5)_edited.jpg

Ultimate Urban Single Indulgence

Ultimate Urban Twin Indulgence

Immerse yourself with some alone time in a queen-size bed, air conditioning, tv, minibar, and some luxury amenities.

If you are travelling with a friend we can make sure your rooms are interconnecting or near each other.



$6197 AUD / $4150 USD / 3850 Euro / 3575 GBP

Share with a friend or we can pair you with someone new - if you choose this option we will be wanting to know some of your non-negotiables. Each room has 2 queen size beds and all room amenities




$4997 AUD / $3345 USD / 3250 Euro / 2850 GBP

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