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Our UGWA Play Packages

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Sometimes a whole week doesn't work, you might just like a particular Wisdom Keeper and want to come for a day.
OR you might live nearby and want to go home to the serenity of your own bed.
OR your best friend, grandma, 3rd cousin twice removed, or your friend from grade 3 live in Cairns and you want to stay with them.

That is why we have developed the PLAY BUT DON'T STAY OPTIONS

Speaker Days
Do you love Alana, Samala, or Amy and want to come just
to see them?

Then this is what you will gift yourself
Their Wisdom Keeper Keynote Presentation
A Welcome Gift on arrival and a dedicated registration process
Morning, afternoon tea, and lunch if you choose the full-day option, or morning tea if you come for a half day!
You can join any of the workshops scheduled that day with the
full day option
Or book a 1:1 session with one of our team (extra fee)



Play But Don't Stay Inclusions
Come play and gift yourself with this option

Arrive throughout Saturday before 2 pm to register
and receive your Welcome Gift
Join us for the welcome celebrations on Saturday and closing on Friday
Receive our Welcome Gift and daily surprises
Morning and afternoon tea along with lunch is provided daily (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday)
If you don't want to join one of our extra adventure day excursions on Wednesday you are free to come and sit by the pool
You are also welcome to join us for any night 'things' that we have on
You can purchase breakfast - because you have come for early morning yoga - and dinner if you want to stay later

$1295 AUD
Pay in two installments $650 AUD

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