It is an absolute pleasure to gather keynote speakers, and workshop facilitators from around the world to provide you with an exceptional retreat experience.
With an array of options, you will walk away having had 



It is themed 'This Is Me' because it is designed to 

totally suit you...

From the moment you arrive, we want you to feel part of the UGWA spirit.

You will be welcomed warmly by some of our team at the airport (embarrassing signs and banners MAY be present!) and your journey to the retreat will be easy and seamless.

Whilst we can't control the flights we can put you in touch with two amazing travel agents - one in Australia and one in the USA - who will take good care of you and ensure the travel process is as smooth as possible. You will also be provided a UGWA hotline to call in case anything goes awry on your journey.


Whether you arrive a few days before or on the 17th we will co-ordinate with you where you are and what you are doing so that you are relaxed even before you arrive.


You will receive directions for arrival in Hanoi or HCMC on where to go for your transfer flight and then Danang Airport is not to big so you won't miss the transfer team.



Over the 7 days, there will be a program of keynote speakers, workshops, free time, yoga classes, sound healing, an opportunity for spa treatments, cultural excursions and so much more...


This really is a choose your own adventure!

You will be able to choose your workshops, reserve places for 1:1 sessions, and work out when you would like a massage at the spa or a Healing Hub session.

To keep the schedule as simple as possible we have divided the program into morning, afternoon, and evening sessions. It really is up to you how many or how few you attend.

Just before lunch on most days are the Ultimate Sister Circles, a group of women that you will meet with most days just for an hour to discuss everything UGWA.

The Healing Hub is the hive of activity for everything relaxation and spiritual.

Treatments and intuitive healing with women who instinctively know what you need. As part of your welcome gift you will receive a voucher that can be used here or at the day spa.

Sounds like bliss to us!



To open UGWA you will be welcomed by Liesel Albrecht, CEO and MC for the week, and the Team of Dream Chasers and believe in themselves just like you. Some of them were guests in Fiji and made a decision to put themselves first just like you have.


You will meet the women who have put UGWA together, along with our Ultimate Team, Wisdom Keeper Tererai Trent  while you get to know what to expect during your time with us.

Then we gather for a very special welcome ceremony, dinner, and drinks.


Some of you may wish to stay up all night but for others, the travel will have you wanting for rest before we start the program on Sunday.

Vintage Light Balls

If we think of a 'This Is Me ' experience at UGWA then one of the greats indulgences in life is to have clothing made just for you


This is why we have included for you, a personal tailors package with Thao from Phu Phu Tailors.

Thao and her amazing team of fitters, shoe and handbag makers will join us for UGWA where you get to have a package of clothing and accessories made just for you.



They will have an array of fabric, swatches, clothing, and fashion books to choose from - whatever it is that you want made, they can do it for you!


We are also privileged to have the wonderful Angela Sanfilippo on hand to assist us with any styling questions - color, length or fit she can tell you what works for your body type and colouring.


A worthy indulgence indeed.

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