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Join UGWA Virtually

Can't Attend In Person?
Then this would be my choice - a nice hotel or rental house, a few friends, good food and your very own Ultimate Girls Week Away experience.

We totally understand that because of the way of the world right now we all can't be together in person - because of this we have designed a virtual component that will have you being able to attend and feel part of the experience.


  • Join us for the whole experience, part or simply watch the recordings.

  • The live streaming will begin on Saturday afternoon right before the Opening Ceremony - Liesel the CEO of Ultimate Girls Week Away will join you live to welcome you right before the doors are opened for the in-person guests. Streaming will continue through to the keynote dinner speaker emerging First Nation leader Claire Beattie and Welcome to Country Ceremony with Tracey Hayes.

  • Be there for keynotes and workshops delivered virtually by Gabrielle Bernstein (you will be in the virtual room with her) and live with Lisa Messenger  - these are part of our morning, from the stage presentations. Imagine seeing them live from the comfort of your lounge or don't have to even get dressed.

  • Liesel will join you each day after the morning stage experience for a chat.

  • You will receive recordings of all workshops (so you don't miss out on any of them, and have the option to choose one of two of them virtually every day. 

  • You will receive a very special Welcome Gift in the mail (because why should you miss out).

  • There will be a UGWA Space Holder just for all of you - what this means is they will guide you through the Siser Circles, introductions and logistics. She will also be your voice for questions during Q & A sessions.

  • During lunch and before workshops one of our amazing team of facilitators will be in the space hanging out for any questions you have or discussions you would like to have.

  • Our preferred platform is Zoom - and everything will also be streamed live into the Facebook Group in case technology fails us at any time. 

  • Recordings will be made of everything for you to watch time and time again for up to 6 weeks after the event.

  • Live time around 4 hours each day, 90 minutes of a workshop or two, and an online sister circle.

We know this is the only way some of you can attend and are also negotiating some very special workshops and discussions just for you. We can't wait to bring UGWA to you with this very special twist, your own little community while also being part of this big picture.


PS - We know some of you are already planning a retreat with a small group of friends from the comfort of your homes - or a rental house where you can spend the week together, watch UGWA and create something unforgettable.

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