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Where do I fly to?
You will fly to Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Depending on where you are coming from you will potentially fly to Brisbane and then on to Cairns (an hour).

We can link you to two of our trusted travel agents, or if you would like to book yourself, we will recommend the best flights to get.

How do I get to the hotel?
There will be some scheduled transfers, if you arrive outside of these times, we will organise a car to collect you. For some of the main flights that are arriving a UGWA Rep will meet you at the airport. We will make sure you know all of the details leading up to your departure from home. We even share airport photos so there are no surprises.

Do I need a Visa and Passport?
It depends on where you are coming from - look HERE for more information. Also, make sure there is at least 6 months of validity on your passport from the arrival date.

What are your cancellation policies?
Please check out our Terms and Conditions and ask us any questions you need to.

I have food allergies and intolerances. Will these be catered for?

Most definitely. Please let us know these details on the registration form and we will make sure the kitchen knows and we will liaise with you before and during the retreat. Our guest liaisons Joy and Chloe will have a list of allergies and intolerances and will work closely with the chefs.

Do I need travel insurance?

The easy answer is YES - if you are coming from an international destination it is a must and we will get a copy from you just in case it is needed. We also encourage domestic insurance as well - while this is not a necessity it will cover your cancellation in case you cannot come after registering due to a medical or family emergency.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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