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Business Edition


Fancy joining us at the Ultimate Girls Week away but feel guilty leaving your business for a week? Then why not turn this into a tax-deductible business trip!  


Bring your business bestie or come alone and learn new skills and strategies from our incredible small business team.  They’re all highly respected in their individual fields and have a wealth of experience to share.



Our professional development workshops are all part of the bigger UGWA experience and investment.  The best part is you can mix and match to suit your needs.  You can decide how much time to focus on your business versus personal improvement or leisure time at UGWA.  


Fancy yoga followed by some marketing strategy? 

Or how about a hormonal health check backed up by a branding workshop? 

Maybe you’ll start your day painting a landscape and finish it writing an eBook? 

You’ll be sure to find the magic blend of what you think you want and what you really need at UGWA.


Here’s a sample of the facilitators and the professional development workshops they’ll be offering during the Ultimate Girls Week Away:


The beauty of UGWA is that there is no price difference if you choose the business edition!!!!

Welcome to the Ultimate Girls Week Away 2023 (20)_edited.jpg

Liesel Albrecht

Retreats in Perspective

Bronwyn Roberts.jpg

Bron Roberts 

Emotional Intelligence and Introspection


Maggie Sarfo

Human Centered Selling


Marina Garbuio

Marketing & Strategy Planning

271638127_349946913624597_2609901001996748223_n - Copy.jpg

Christine Farnham

Clearing Limiting Beliefs


Tanya Levy

Stress Mangament


Kate Chapman

From Creativity to Cash


Tanita Seton

Branding Photographer

Jo microphone YTM.jpg

Jo Johnson

Writing Effective Content

Jessica Ritchie Image.jpg

Jessica Ritchie

Business Visions

Our Days

Just like all the other workshops this business edition will have the 10 workshops spread over the week - choose them all, or just a few. If  you know that there are parts of your business that need more attention than others then this is the perfect scenario.

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